About Us

We are a married couple  (+1 baby who we welcomed recently) who loves to travel and eat good food!!! Our travel usually revolves around food and YES, we are one of those people who love to take pictures of our food. :)

We started this blog shortly after we got married to post updates to our friends on what we were up to, and ended up using it more as a diary of our travels as well as a repository of recommendations when our friends ask for tips.

We hope you enjoy reading our travel & food adventures!

Dan & Marcela


  1. Hi there,
    I found your page through Flyertalk...and I was wondering if you have the number for the Visa Signature concierge? We're trying to get a reservation for French Laundry and loved your review =) We have several Visa Signature cards and figured it'd be the best way to go. Thanks!

    1. Hi Maddie & Emily, the US number for the Visa Signature Concierge is 1-800-953-7392 (U.S.). They will then ask you for your Visa Signature card number in order to secure the reservation. Good luck!

  2. hi there Dan n Marcell
    great review from great restaurant and foods
    thank you for making this blog, I enjoy to read every single word of this blog especially about foods review about japanese food, gimme a lot of info and inspirations
    hee hee
    keep update bro