Top 5 Destinations

We have been blessed to have visited some amazing places, and we hope to be able to visit many more in the future.  Similar to our food list, a lot of our friends ask what are some of our favorite cities/places that we have visited.

There were a couple places that we distinctly remember that just took our breath away. Here are our Top 5 destinations:

5. Kwandwe, South Africa
Green, lush, so serene and super relaxing

4. Franschhoek 
Amazing scenery, rustic vineyards surrounded by dramatic mountains

3. Amalfi Coast 
Colorful, quaint towns and beaches along the South Italian coast

2. Santorini
Picturesque white-washed buildings cliff-side with breathtaking sunset views

1. Bora Bora
Postcard views everywhere you look

Dan & Marcela


  1. how was the bug and/or odor experience in Bora Bora?

    cannot see that in the pics but have heard mixed reviews..

    1. Hmm, we didn't really have bug/odor issue in Bora Bora. We did see a small lizard in our room but we have those in Indonesia as well so I wasn't too scared. I think with most tropical place it's hard not to see bugs but we just don't let that get in a way of us experiencing the destination.