Saturday, December 17, 2011

Spa Day at the Napa Valley Marriott

For the second day of my 30th birthday celebration, I booked a spa day at the Napa Valley Marriott through a Travelzoo deal that I saw. It included a massage, scalp treatment, mini facial, and a picnic lunch for a pretty reasonable price.

The Napa Valley Marriott is located in Napa, right off Highway 29, and only about a 5 minute from from our hotel. The spa facility was actually a separate building from the rest of the hotel. Parking was free and plentiful.

Marriott Spa

We checked in with the receptionist and presented our Travelzoo vouchers. We were then taken inside and given a brief overview of the facility. 

Spa Hallway

There was a separate area for men and women. There was a locker area, a small whirlpool, a steam room, and several shower stalls. The facility was pretty clean and nicely decorated, but the spa area was a bit small and did not have that "luxurious" feel--but still nice nonetheless.

Whirlpool and shower stall

The main room--a co-ed lounge, outside the separate men's/women's locker rooms--was a quiet waiting area with chairs, sofas, gas lit fireplace, coffee/tea/water, and magazines. From here the therapist called our names and took us to the treatment rooms.

Quiet Waiting Area

There was also a small seating area outdoors, but since it was a bit chilly, we waited inside.

Outdoor resting area

Our first treatment was a one hour massage. The massage room was clean, and the therapist was good.  It went by way too fast, and just as we were getting relaxed, the massage was over! We were taken back to the waiting area for our next treatment. After our facial, we took a quick shower, and then headed to the main hotel building to pick up our picnic lunch from the hotel's restaurant.

Marriott Napa Valley Lobby

We picked up our picnic food from the restaurant. We ordered the turkey sandwich, cheese platter, hummus, and couscous. For drinks, we opted for Izze sparkling sodas.

Our picnic lunch

Lunch was quite delicious, and we talked about how good of a deal this was and how much we enjoyed spa day!

What a fun day!

What a great way to end my 30th birthday celebration. It was quick 2 day/1 night trip filled with my most favorite activities: eating good food and spending time at the spa! Just how I like it. :)


  1. Dan seems a little too relaxed in the last photo :)

  2. Haha, yeah but then I put him to work by driving us back home...:)