Saturday, May 21, 2011

SoCal Weekend Trip

Less than a week after we got back from our Greece trip, we went on another trip, this time for our friend's wedding. It was a little crazy timing wise since we hadn't really fully unpacked, but we had to start packing for another trip. :p

We left Saturday morning and and took a midday flight to John Wayne Airport. Our first stop was the Kogi truck. Thankfully there was no line! We ordered the short rib burrito, calamari taco, and the Blue Moon Mulita. Everything was really good! The burrito actually had no rice in it, it was just short rib, egg, and coleslaw. The calamari taco was definitely very unique. It seemed like they used the go chu jang sauce, which is this Korean red spicy, sweet sauce. The mulita was this chicken taco sandwich, with a fruity sauce on top. To finish off our meal, we had the chocolate tres leches cake. Mmmm...

We then checked in to our hotel, the Sheraton Anaheim. The hotel looked really old from the outside, but the inside looked like it had been recently renovated. The room was huge but the bathroom was really tiny.

Later in the afternoon, we met up with Dan's sister, who drove up from San Diego. We ate dinner at a Japanese BBQ restaurant called Anjin. We came before the 5 pm opening time, and there was already a long line. We missed the first seating so had to wait for an hour. There was a Mitsuwa supermarket close by, so we went and walked around to kill some time. By the time we got back to the restaurant, we only had a short wait before we were seated.

We ordered a couple of meats to share, as well as the seaweed salad and the spicy cold noodle bowl. The food was really good, the meats were high quality, and sauce was great. Definitely one of the best Japanese BBQ we've had.

Sunday morning we checked out this brunch place called the Break of Dawn, which featured Vietnamese/American fusion cuisine. Dan ordered the short rib mac & cheese and I ordered the creme brulee french toast. The short rib mac & cheese had sausage and tomato sauce, which was definitely unique. The french toast was served on top of this wide, thin layer of kona coffee creme brulee. Food was tasty but very rich and on the heavy side.
Short ribs mac & cheese

Creme brulee french toast

We then went to Saddleback church for the 11:15 am service. Good thing we didn't fall asleep after the super heavy meal :) We loved the service at Saddleback and usually try to go when we're in the area.

Originally we wanted to do a lighter lunch, but I found this chicken-waffle place that looked amazing on Yelp, so we decided to go for it. The restaurant is called Bruxie and it's located in downtown Orange. When we arrived there, there was a pretty long line. Thankfully it moved pretty fast. We ordered the fried chicken waffle sandwich, their homemade diet soda, and waffle fries. The fried chicken was warm and crispy, served with honey dressing and refreshing coleslaw and wrapped inside the light/fluffy/crispy waffle. It was definitely unique!

Bruxie chicken & waffle sandwich

We then went back to our hotel to get ready for the wedding. Our friend's wedding was held at the Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda. It was such a gorgeous and historic venue. This was supposedly Richard Nixon's birth place. There was a small house inside which was his childhood home. It had actually been raining in the morning, but by noon time the sun came out and you couldn't even tell that it had rained earlier. The weather was perfect for the outdoor ceremony. The decoration was gorgeous, and the bride looked absolutely amazing. The groom surprised his new bride by singing a song to her at the reception; it was so sweet. The reception food was fantastic--spanakopita appetizers, combo seabass and filet entree, open bar... We definitely had fun at the wedding!

At the wedding

The day after, we stopped by the famous bakery, 85 degrees, to grab some snacks before our flight. Our favorite was the taro bread. It was warm straight from the oven and was delicious. Everytime we come to LA/OC area, we always feel so satisfied from all the yummy food! :)

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