Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dan's Birthday Dinner - Alexanders Steakhouse

We celebrated Dan's birthday at Alexander's steakhouse in Cupertino. Dan loves steak and always chooses a steakhouse for his birthday (whereas I prefers fine dining for her birthday dinners). Neither of us had been here before but had heard great things. Alexander's recently received 1 Michelin star rating, and their Yelp rating is a solid 4.5 stars! The restaurant was packed on a Tuesday evening, so they must be doing something right.

Lobster bisque amuse bouche

The lobster bisque was complimentary and a nice touch. It was a bit salty, but hey, it was included. :)

The famous "Hamachi Shots" and "Mixed Fry"
For appetizers, we ordered the famous hamachi shots and mixed fry. The hamachi shots were made of fresh hamachi with avocado, truffled ponzu, chilli, ginger, and wasabi greens. We found them to be really salty.

The mixed fry consisted of jumbo lump crab and mixed vegetable, served with aioli sauce. The crab lumps were actually pretty big and the serving was very generous.

Caesar Salad with 65 Degrees Egg
We shared the caesar salad served with 65 degrees egg. The egg was cooked perfectly. In fact, it was probably our favorite part of the meal so far. :)

Lemon sorbet
 They served us complimentary sorbet as a palate cleanser. It was nice and refreshing.

2+ Lbs Bone-in Ribeye
By the time our ribeye came, we were nearly full already. The ribeye was HUGE. We barely finished half and took the rest home.

Mac and Cheese with White Truffle Oil

We ordered a side of the Mac and Cheese with white truffle oil, which was very decadent and rich. We could only take a couple bites since it was so heavy but really good.

Southern Belle dessert
 We ordered the "Southern Belle" dessert, which was peaches with smoked ice cream and sponge cake. The smoked ice cream tasted very interesting. It reminded me of smoked salmon..ha ha.

The birthday boy :)

They also gave us a complimentary small cake for Dan's birthday. A nice gesture.

Apple cotton candy
The complimentary apple cotton candy was a really nice touch and definitely a great end to this evening.

Overall, the dinner was really nice.  The food was pretty good, but we left a little disappointed.  Perhaps our expectations were too high, but we were still glad to try this place.

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