Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cancun Day 4: Pool Time & the Superbowl

We purposely didn't book any activities for our last full day. The weather seemed nice, but the wind was blowing like crazy. All beach activities were canceled and even I felt like the wind was going to blow me over. :p We walked along the beach for a little bit and we were really amazed by the beautiful turquoise water. I would say after Bora Bora, this was one of the prettiest beach color that we've seen. However because of the strong winds, the resort didn't set up beach service, so we went back to the pool area.

Beautiful Turquoise Water

We braced the wind and found a place to sit and enjoy the pool. Thankfully the pool was heated so it was actually really nice to swim in. There were several pools, and we chose the one closest to the beach and found a shaded area to lounge in.

As we were staying at an all-inclusive, drinks were included so I got a Virgin piƱa colada and Dan got a beer. We could grab drinks at one of the side bars, or there were also servers going around taking drink orders.  We made sure to tip them! :)

We went to the poolside cafe for lunch and got a fajita and burger to share. They were decent and best of all, they were "free". Well not really free, but it feels free since it's already included. :)

We stayed for a little while and then went back to our room to change and get ready for the Super Bowl party. The resort actually did a pretty big setup for the Super Bowl. They setup a big giant screen in the pool area, along with dj, raffle, food and drinks. We were going to watch from the pool but the speakers were way too loud, so we decided to watch from the inside at the Half Time sports bar.

We got the appetizer combo plate while watching the first half of the game. The bar was pretty lively and they had the game on. During half time break we went to dinner at blue water grill, which specialized in steak and seafood. Probably due to everyone watching the Super Bowl, we actually got seated immediately.

Since the Blue water grill was one of the restaurants that always seemed to be full, we were glad to finally try it. The setting felt like an upscale steakhouse. We shared an appetizer salad, and Dan got the ribeye steak, while I got the salmon steak. We also ordered the baked potato side and creamed spinach. Food wise it was probably our least favorite; we wondered why it seemed to be the most popular. Maybe we had a higher expectation since there always seems to be a line, but we were not impressed with the food.

After dinner we went back to our room and watched the Super Bowl from our balcony. It was actually much better than watching it from the pool area. It wasn't as loud and we got to sit in the comfort of our own balcony. Too bad the Niners lost. :( Oh well, hopefully next year! This was such a relaxing day. We wished the weather was better (no strong winds) but we made the best of it!

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