Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Restaurant Review: Burma Superstar

During Thanksgiving break, we went to the city (San Francisco) on Friday (yes, the day after Thanksgiving) to eat some more. :) I had always wanted to check out Burma Superstar and was glad that we were able to finally try this restaurant. We came a little early around 11:30 AM to beat the lunch hour rush and were seated immediately. The restaurant was a little small, and the tables were pretty close together. It was quite nice though for an Asian restaurant, and prices were slightly more expensive than a typical Asian restaurant.

The best way for me to define Burmese food is that it is a combination of Thai, Vietnamese, and Indian. There's a lot of noodle dishes and curries on the menu. Some of the dishes looked very familiar while some looked very foreign.

We chose the following for our lunch. Here's the description from the restaurant's website.

Platha and Dip 
Multi layered bread served with a coconut chicken curry sauce

Tea Leaf Salad
Featured on Food Network. Yes, we really do go to Burma to get the tea for this salad, and it's worth the trip. With textures from fried garlic, peanuts

Nan Pia Dok
Flat flour noodles with a chicken coconut curry sauce, string beans, split yellow pea, cabbage, and chilis

The Platha and dip is a thicker version of Roti Prata, and the curry is on the sweeter side and a little thicker than what we're used to, but still very delicious. I LOVED the thick Platha. It was very doughy and chewy on the inside, and slightly crunchy on the outside. The combination with the curry sauce was marvelous!

Platha and Dip

Sorry for the blurry tea leaf salad picture. :p Anyways, this dish was probably the most popular dish in the restaurant. Almost every table ordered it. It's basically lettuce with flavorful tea leaf, tomatoes, various kinds of peanuts, and garlic chips--mixed together with lemon juice. It was very light and refreshing, and we loved the various crunchy texture from all the different nuts.

Tea leaf salad

For our main course, our waiter recommended the Nan Pia Dok. It's a flat noodle dish with chicken, curry, and fried crisps and shallots. YUM! The curry tasted very similar to the one that accompanied the Platha roti.

Nan Pia Dok
We really enjoyed our meal at Burma Superstar and would definitely return. One more thing to mention, the service was pretty attentive, and all the waiters were really friendly (which is not usually the case for Asian restaurants), so another high mark for Burma Superstar!

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