Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Weekend in Healdsburg: H2 Hotel

One of my hobbies is looking at hotel pictures on Trip Advisor.  No, really...that's what I do in my spare time. :)  So when I was looking for inspirations on places to go, I came across H2 hotel in Healdsburg and really liked what I saw.  The price was not cheap, but they did have a pretty good rate for non-weekend nights.  The rate also included breakfast as well as free bike rental.

H2 Hotel in downtown Healdsburg

The hotel location was great, only a couple blocks away from the main square and within walking distance to many of restaurants.  There's also a restaurant on the first floor called Spoonbar, which we didn't try this time.

The hotel looked very modern and somewhat minimalistic from the outside.  They are actually LEED certified, and we definitely saw some "green" features in and around the hotel.

Hotel entrance

As I previously mentioned, the rate included free bike rental on a first come first serve basis.  We love doing bike rides but since we had the Segway trip booked already, we didn't get a chance to ride bikes this time around.

Free bike rentals

There wasn't really a "lobby" area.  As soon as we came in, we saw the restaurant on the left and a lounge, seating area on the right.  The check in counter was the same for both the restaurant and the hotel.  Check in time was guaranteed for 3 PM.  We got there at around noon and asked if there were any rooms available.  They did not have any yet but said they would call if one became available earlier.

We also saw the water bar which was a very cool concept.  The hotel provided 2 free bottles of water in the hotel room: 1 sparkling and 1 flat water.  If you ran out, you can get free refills at the water bar in the lobby.  This was such a cool idea!

"Lobby" area with the water bar on the left

There was a small pool area in the back.  Unfortunately the weather was really cold, so no pool time for us! :)

Pool at H2 Hotel

The room was good sized, very clean, and modern.  We got the King bed which was so huge. We're used to our queen size bed at home.  It actually came with 2 separate duvets, so we didn't have to fight with each other over one. :p 

Love the clean, modern room!

The bathroom consisted of a big shower and a separate toilet area.  One of the "green" features were the soap/shampoo dispensers, as opposed to the usual small containers.

Huge shower

Our bathroom did not include a bathtub, but I think some of the larger rooms do have them.

There was a desk area as well as a mini fridge, pre-filled with the sparkling and still water. 

There was a small balcony seating area outside which we didn't use at all, but it was nice to see.

Our balcony

Our room overlooked other rooms on the property, but we didn't mind.

View from our balcony

Dan read in the welcome book that the hotel also provided free DVD movie rentals.  So we stopped by the front desk and grabbed two DVDs and watched movies during our stay.  It was such a small thing, but we really enjoy these small touches such as providing free DVD movies to watch.  This hotel definitely had a few pluses that made them unique and memorable.

Breakfast buffet

Breakfast was also included in our rate.  It was served in the Spoonbar restaurant on the first floor, from 6 AM to 10 AM.  Breakfast consisted of yogurt, granola, eggs, fritata, and many wonderful pastries (scones, banana bread, muffin, cupcake, toast), as well as apples, bananas, and some juices.  Definitely good enough for the morning, although Dan made a comment that it was very carb heavy. :)

Yummy breakfast

We definitely enjoyed our one night stay at H2 hotel.  The location was great, room was clean and modern, and all the small touches really made a difference.  We would definitely not hesitate to stay here again in the future!

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  1. Looks like a lovely hotel. Good pictures btw!

  2. Thanks :) It was a great hotel, one of our favorite now in the wine country!