Friday, January 13, 2012

Roosevelt Hotel New York

Intro: Eating Our Way in the Big Apple
Roosevelt Hotel
Day 1: Doughnut Plant, Cafe Habana, Peter Luger, Momofuku
Day 2: Shake Shack, 9/11 Memorial, Chelsea Market, The High Line, Babbo
Element by Westin Times Square
Day 3: Ippudo
Day 4: Shake Shack, Wafels & Dinges, Eataly
Day 5: Kyotofu

I booked this hotel "accidentally" through Priceline; I meant to book a different hotel but used the wrong strategy and ended up getting this hotel. I immediately panicked and checked TripAdvisor and noticed that the ratings were really low, and the pictures of the hotel looked very unpromising. The hotel looked very old and some rooms have not been renovated--my worst nightmare. I called the hotel and asked if I could request a renovated room, and they said they will put the request in, but it's not guaranteed.

The hotel location was actually pretty good-- just a couple blocks (albeit long blocks) away from Grand Central station. Our flight landed very early. We got to the hotel around 8 AM and asked if we could check in early. Surprisingly, the hotel was so full, they did not have any rooms available. I inquired to make sure that we would get a renovated room, and they said it should be no problem.

Hotel Lobby
Another view of the lobby

We went to eat and came back around 3 PM, and they finally had a room ready. Thankfully it was a renovated room. However, Dan was surprised to see how old the renovated room looked. He made a comment how he can't imagine what the un-renovated room would look like. It's funny how his hotel taste has grown similar to mine over the years; he's a lot pickier now than before. :D  Anyway, we figured we'd "rough it out" for a couple days, since we'd be moving to a second hotel for the last 2 nights of our trip.

The "renovated" Room

The bedroom was ok size for New York, but the room felt dry, and there was not enough air circulation. The bathroom was really small and basic, and didn't look renovated.

Small, basic bathroom

Thankfully we didn't spend too much time in the hotel, as we were out and about eating in Manhattan. :)  And we were looking forward to the 2nd half of our trip when we move to a nicer and newer hotel, the Element by Westin Times Square.

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