Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Intro: Baby M's First Trip to Indonesia

We're back! (sort of)

Apologies for the lack of updates, as Dan previously mentioned, we had a pretty significant life change recently. We welcomed a baby girl, a couple months ago! Which meant no travel for the first few months for us as you can imagine!

For our first post-baby trip, we took the bold step of going to Indonesia to visit my parents. We were a bit worried about how traveling with baby would be, especially considering how far Indonesia is from the US, but we decided to go for it. This would be her very first trip, very first flying experience, and first time out of the country.

Baby M's first flight

We found availability on EVA Airways and booked our flights with Star Alliance miles. We also had to pay a 10% fee for the infant ticket. We looked at either flying EVA or Singapore Airlines, and decided to go with EVA. One of the reasons why we chose EVA Airways was because there would only be one layover connection (SFO - Taipei - Jakarta), versus two connections if we took Singapore Airlines, which was HUGE traveling with an infant.

Our trip was for 2.5 weeks, and we decided to just stay in Jakarta this time--though we toyed with the idea of going to Bali for a couple days, but decided against it. Dan's sister and her friend also came to Indonesia around the same time with us, so we would spend time with them in Jakarta.

Here's the breakdown of our blog post:

Intro: Baby M's First Trip to Indonesia
SFO - Taipei - Jakarta
Jakarta City Tour & Activities
Namaaz Molecular Gastronomy

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