Monday, August 20, 2012

Hong Kong - Jakarta on Cathay Pacific

Note: This is a continuation of our Bali trip.  you can find the full trip itinerary here.

The Pier Lounge

We were put on a 9:20 AM flight in the morning, so we only had time for a quick breakfast at the hotel before we went back to the airport. Since we had a not-so-good experience at the Cabin lounge the day before, we decided to try a different lounge this time, the Pier. The Pier was a LOT less crowded than the Cabin, probably due to the much bigger size and that probably some crowds had left on earlier flights that morning.

LOTS of empty seats

There were a lot of empty seats here, some people even took 2 seats for themselves to rest/sleep - which was a good sign. Even though we already ate breakfast, it's so hard to say no to free food, hehe.

Dan and I tried the Chinese breakfast which consisted of a glutinous rice bread, as well as a warm soy milk. They were quite delicious.

We were happy that they didn't cancel our morning flight, and so we went to the gate for boarding. I was excited also to try this particular seats. It was an older model plane compared to our Chicago - Hong Kong flight, but it's always good to try different ones and compare. Dan & I sat across from each other this time.

The seat did feel a bit more claustrophobic since there's the big wall between seats. It was pretty private though, but I think we preferred the newer seat design. The other interesting thing was when you sat down, all we saw were other people's feet...he he.

So relieved to finally board to Jakarta!
I got a fruity drink which I don't remember anymore what it's called now...:p I tried asking for the Cathay Delight but they didn't have it on this flight.

Since this was a morning flight, they served breakfast dishes. Dan got the omelet, and I got the dim sum.

A fruit plate was served as well as a choice of bread. I went with the croissant which was served warm. 

The dim sum was not that good - maybe because we just had Tim Ho Wan, or maybe because airline food is just not that good. I felt that the dim sum sat in the heater for a bit too long. The rice wrap was a bit too soft. The only one that tasted ok was the glutinous rice.

The flight was uneventful and we were so glad to finally land in Jakarta, in time for a couple days preparation for the wedding. Lesson learned, always leave a couple days buffer if you need to be somewhere at a specific time (like for a wedding). Thankfully all our bags also made it. So all in all, we were delayed by one night, but I'm thankful that we were safe and arrived ok.

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