Friday, August 10, 2012

Destination wedding in Bali

We just got back from our trip to Asia, with the main purpose to go to my sister's wedding in Bali. We were gone for a total of two weeks, and it was a busy two weeks! We flew Cathay Pacific, and since Dan had never been to Hong Kong, I planned a quick one night layover in Hong Kong (though we eventually ended up staying an extra night since our flight to Jakarta was canceled due to Typhoon Vicente). A last minute work trip also came up, so we booked a last minute tip to Singapore towards the end.  So overall, we visited Hong Kong, Jakarta, Bali, and Singapore, all in two weeks. There was a lot of flying for sure.

Due to our tight schedule, we didn't have much time at each location. We did get to see many of our friends though in Indonesia and Singapore, so that was nice. I also surprisingly got some work done while in Singapore. :)

The highlight of the trip was definitely my sister's wedding in Bali as well as our first time flying first class - hopefully not our last :)!

Here's our full itinerary:

Part 1: Hong Kong
San Francisco - Chicago - Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific
Courtyard Marriott Hong Kong
Tim Ho Wan - Cheapest 1 Star Michelin Restaurant in the World
Forced Layover Due to Typhoon Vicente

Part 2: Jakarta
Hong Kong - Jakarta on Cathay Pacific
Best Cinema Experience in Jakarta
Food in Jakarta

Part 3: Bali
Jakarta - Bali on Garuda Airlines
Le Grande Resort - Bali
Wedding in Bali
Ubud Green Villas
Food in Bali

Part 4: Singapore
St. Regis Singapore
Food & Activities in Singapore

Part 5: Return Trip
Jakarta - Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific
Second Hong Kong Layover
Hong Kong - San Francisco on Cathay Pacific
Trip Summary

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