Tuesday, September 11, 2012

St. Regis Singapore

Note: This is a continuation of our Bali trip.  you can find the full trip itinerary here. 

We were really looking forward to our stay at the St. Regis in Singapore. The St. Regis is located on the far end of Orchard road. It is one of the newer hotels in Singapore and was quite luxurious. The lobby had high ceilings, and check in was done at one of the 3 reception desks.


The check in was fast and courteous, and even though the reservation was under my name, I inquired whether we would get any benefit since Dan is an SPG Gold member. She said they could offer us free wi-fi, which we of course gladly accepted. :)

The elevator was actually quite unique--there was actually a small bench in the middle, which I thought was interesting. I loved the colors on the hallway, which were soft blue and brown, similar to our color scheme at home. The bellhop helped us with our luggage, and I started to see the difference in level of service at this hotel compared to others we've stayed at. For starters, the bellman didn't only drop our bag inside the room. He proceeded to ask if it's ok for him to remove our luggage tag, and to take our luggage in and place it on the luggage area.

A couple minutes after we arrived at our room, the door bell rang. We were not expecting anyone. It turned out to be the butler who introduced himself to us. He asked if he could show us around the room, and explained the benefit of the St. Regis butler service. He walked us through how to use the various remotes, light and curtain switches, where things were located, and a couple other benefits that we did not know of, such as 3 complimentary presses per person, complimentary tea/coffee service, complimentary snacks & afternoon wine tasting the at Decanter wine bar, and that we could call him if we wanted to draw a bubble bath!

As I've never stayed at a St. Regis before, I didn't know much of what to expect or how to use their services. But it seemed like they could be quite useful! :) The room itself was decorated very beautifully. Everything looked quite plush and tastefully designed.

There's a pretty large seating area, as well as a desk and flat screen TV. We later found out that they also offer free DVDs to borrow which Dan took advantage of.

The bathroom was quite large and had both a tub and a generous sized shower. What was interesting was that there's a small TV in front of the tub with a waterproof remote control. And there were two sinks, one at each end of the bathroom.

The hotel also did turn down service, and when we came back from dinner, we found our room lighting was set to a very romantic dimmed lighting, and chocolates on top of our pillows.

On our 2nd day we made it out to the Decanter lounge for complimentary snacks and wine tasting. We thought this was such a nice perk and enjoyed both the snacks and the wines.


We loved our stay at the hotel. Service was outstanding. It definitely showed that they really put a lot of thought to making our stay memorable. Another example of the great service was that after we came back from dinner and bubble tea, I was carrying my empty bubble tea drink cup. When the doorman opened the door for us, he offered to take the empty cup for me. I thought this was such a nice gesture. It's a small thing, but truly shows how exceptional service was at this hotel.

We both agreed that this was probably the best "business" hotel that we've ever stayed at. Great location, great room & bathroom, and exceptional service.

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