Monday, September 3, 2012

Wedding in Bali

Note: This is a continuation of our Bali trip.  you can find the full trip itinerary here.

My sister has always dreamed of getting married in Bali. Who doesn't? hehe. She did a really great job planning the wedding, and the day itself was just perfect.

The ceremony was held at Tirtha Uluwatu, which is a small chapel with views overlooking the ocean. This chapel is quite popular for both Indonesian and foreign couple weddings because of the gorgeous architecture and unbelievable views. The chapel and the surrounding area is already so gorgeous, you really don't need to decorate much.

Here are some pictures from the wedding. The below are my un-professional pictures that I took...he he.
If you want to see the professional pictures, feel free to click here and here.

Gorgeous Venue
Breathtaking view from the chapel
Glass windows
The Bride & Groom

The reception was held at Ju Ma Na at the Banyan Tree resort, which was also super gorgeous.

Chinese Tea Ceremony Area
Cocktail Area
Reception decor

The food at the wedding was fine dining, and probably the best wedding food we've had. Everything was executed flawlessly and tasted really good.

The first dish, amuse bouche, was a prawn pancake--which tasted more like a prawn dumpling to me-- with creamy sauce and salty caviar which worked well together.

Prawn pancake, avruga caviar, vermouth sauce

The second dish was barely cooked (or seared) tuna with artichoke, semi dried tomatoes, tapenade, and rocket glaze. Dan thought the name "barely cooked" was amusing.

Barely Cooked Tuna Loin

The next dish was probably my favorite. It was called lobster cappuccino and actually served in a cappuccino cup with a foam topping. The soup itself was similar to a lobster bisque but it was very smooth yet creamy and not as heavy as a typical lobster bisque. I found myself wanting more. Too bad the cappuccino cup was so small. :p

We were then served a palate cleanser which was a lemon sorbet with strawberries.

Lemon Sorbet

The next course was wagyu beef tenderloin. It was prepared a bit too rare for my liking but was still sooo good. The wagyu beef was very tender and served with polenta cake and red wine sauce.

Wagyu Beef Tenderloin

After the main course, the wedding organizer invited us all to go out for a special performance. The couple invited Indra Aziz, who was a vocal coach from Indonesian Idol, to give a special performance while my sister and her new husband had their first dance.

First Dance

At the end of the dance, the fireworks went off which was timed perfectly with their dance dip and kiss.
Afterwards balloons were distributed for us to release to the sky.

Oh and my brother in law also presented a surprise for my sister, which was a certificate for a star in her name!

Click here to see the backstory.  So romantic! Dan said he was so thankful we're already married so he didn't have to live up to these unrealistic expectations...he he.

After the over-the-top performances and the gifting of the star, we went back inside for the dessert which was a mango pudding and coconut parfait.

Tropical Dessert Duo

The only disappointing part of the meal was the wedding cake, which was supposed to be red velvet, which is my favorite type of cake.

The cake looked pretty, but the actual cake itself tasted nothing like the red velvet that I know. It tasted more like regular cake that happened to be red color. :p 

Red velvet cake - Indonesian version

All in all, it was a beautiful day and I was really happy for my sister and her new husband for such a gorgeous wedding. And by the way, my sister is now a wedding consultant, so if you have any questions about getting married in Bali or need help planning your wedding in Indonesia, feel free to contact me and I'll let her know. :)

To wrap this wedding summary up, here's their wedding video on Vimeo.

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  1. Beautiful wedding venue. What do you mean gifting of a star? It must be a cultural thing for Indonesians?

    1. Hi Jimmy, did you see the video for the backstory? It's not a cultural thing - I think my brother in law just wanted to do something special for my sister!

  2. Dear Marcela,
    Would you mind to share with me which vendor did your sister approach for her wedding decoration. I'm planning to have my wedding in Bali as well. Looking forward to hear from you.


    1. Hi Kelty,

      Fell free to contact her directly to get more info: