Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jakarta - Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific

Note: This is a continuation of our Bali trip.  you can find the full trip itinerary here. 

Time really does fly when you're having fun. Before we knew it, it was time to fly back to the US. We were not able to find any award availability in business class for the return flight, so we ended up biting the bullet (spending extra miles) and reserved first class.

During our check in at the counter in Jakarta, the lady offered to have one of the personnel escort us to a separate section for immigration, which we thought was really cool. There was an immigration officer seated in front of the Cathay lounge and we got our passports stamped and onto the lounge. For the Jakarta - Hong Kong leg, the plane did not have first class cabin, so we were seated in business class, which was the same seating configuration as our Chicago - Hong Kong flight. 

The plane felt very new, and I realized even more how much I love the setting and privacy of Cathay's business class seating. Our cabin was not that full, probably around 60% capacity. Dan actually was seated behind me this time, and we both realized that it's not that ideal. The side by side middle seats are much better for couples traveling together.

Menus were distributed as well as warm nuts in the beginning of the flight.

I read about this drink called the "Cathay Delight" which is a non-alcoholic drink consisted of coconut water and kiwi juice. They did not have it during the flight from Chicago-Hong Kong-Jakarta, so I was delighted when they said that they could make it for me during this flight! The drink was very refreshing and not overly sweet, I think I may have found my new favorite drink. :)

Appetizer was served next which was cold smoked duck breast with salad. 

I had the prawns in turmeric sauce which was pretty good. Dan ordered the sesame baked chicken. Since he was sitting behind me, it was hard for us to share our food so we ended up not sharing this time. :)

The cheese course was served next...

And then a serving of the chocolate mascarpone cake.

Overall food was ok, but the highlight for me was definitely the Cathay Delight drink!!!

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  1. Hey you were like the CNBC tag line - First in Business :)

    Which is better than Coach in First (purse that is)?

  2. Ella, I thought the special area for the customs/ immigration in CGK is pretty cool, too! The only thing is (imho) they need to work on the quality/ appearance of the vip/ exec lounges in the airport:)

    1. Hi Chrisye! How are you?? You've been traveling a lot lately looks like :) Yeah the lounges in CGK are not that great, but I like that they have teh botol...hehe

  3. The "Cathay Delight" looks great. Wonder what a little coconut rum could do to spice it up?

    1. Yeah they are awesome. I should try recreating it at home. You should try it with the coconut rum! I'm sure it'll taste great :)