Monday, May 28, 2012

Visiting Home: Singapore Layover

For my layover in Singapore, my friend was gracious enough to let me stay at her place. She asked me what I wanted to do for my 1 day layover, and I told her I want to visit the new Marina Bay Sands hotel and eat my favorite oyster egg dish!

We took the taxi to the Marina Bay Sands hotel which was connected to a huge mall. I originally wanted to go up to see the famous infinity swimming pool, but decided against it since there's a fee for just visiting.

Marina Bay Sands

The mall was quite nice and big, typical Asian mall. :) There's the water area similar to the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, although I didn't see anyone riding the gondola.

Inside the mall

We visited the inside of the hotel, and I was quite disappointed. It was mainly white and it didn't have that grand entrance feeling and didn't leave me with a lasting impression. I am surprised that they left the inside very barren and not luxurious at all. I also heard that the rooms were just very mediocre with a hefty price tag.

Hotel lobby

We walked around outside the hotel and saw great views of downtown Singapore.

Downtown Singapore

For lunch we decided to just eat at the mall food court as oppose to going to my usual favorite: Lau Pa Sat, Takashimaya's food court, or the Newton hawker center. I ordered the oyster egg and was very disappointed. It was very dry and consisted mostly of the dough, and the dough wasn't even that gooey. :( But it at least alleviated some of my cravings.

Oyster egg

My friend also introduced me to Din Tai Fung's taro pao. It's a very interesting concept since the inside was basically smashed taro.

Din Tai Fung's taro pao

We did stop by Takashimaya's food court on the way back, and I had a couple of my favorite snacks: Japanese pancake with cream cheese and srikaya and takoyaki!

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