Thursday, May 17, 2012

Visiting Home: Trip Planning

Ever since I moved to the US for college, I have always tried to go back home to Indonesia at least once a year. I think there was only one year where I didn't go home during Christmas. Lately I found it harder to find time to go home, partly due to other trips being planned and not enough vacation days. I finally had a break in my job where I could take a month off and decided to go home to visit my family for two weeks. Unfortunately, Dan couldn't come with me this time...and this was our longest time apart since we got married.

I thought about visiting Seoul on the way since I've never been, but in the end decided to go straight home, with a brief one night layover in Singapore. Since I've been to Singapore many, many times, the main purpose of this visit was just to visit a friend who had just given birth. I also planned to visit the new Marina Bay Sands, and eat some of my favorite local Singaporean food. For Indonesia, I didn't plan much but visiting family, friends, eat some local food, and get cheap massages. :)

Some of my closest friends back home

Here's the breakdown of my trip:

San Francisco - Seoul
Seoul - Singapore
Singapore layover
Singapore - Jakarta
Activities & Food in Jakarta
Jakarta - Singapore - Seoul
Seoul - Los Angeles - San Francisco


  1. I need to check in with you when we plan our Indonesia trip sometime soon...this summer we did S'pore and Malaysia and we were blown away with the latter. S'pore is like a pricey mall but with good transit was my conclusion.
    Our best food experience was on the island of Langkawi (in Malaysia in the Malacca straits)..we literally ate for under $10 (family of three) every night that we were there at this hole in the wall outside our resort. Dosas and Indian style goat curry with fresh roti canai ... heaven if it exists was this

    1. Definitely, feel free to contact me if you have any questions!